Two Reasons Why Many Parents Prefer Using Childcare Centres Instead of Nannies' Services

There are many reasons why parents frequently decide to use the services of their local childcare centres instead of getting nanny agencies to send out individuals to take care of their kids. Below you'll find a few examples of why some parents make this decision. 

They don't have to worry about their children playing video games or watching television for hours at a time

Excessive time spent on screens can be harmful to children and can result in them neglecting to do the things that could benefit their minds and their physical health (like reading or playing outdoors). One of the concerns that a lot of parents have when they hire nannies is that they never really know how much screen time the nannies are allowing their children to have each day.

Even if they install nanny-cams in their homes, they may still be unable to work this out, as a nanny might take the children out to, for example, a cafe or a public garden, and let the children use their e-tablet or smartphone in these places to watch cartoons or play video games so that he or she does not have to do any active childcare.

Because of this, many parents decide against using nannies' services and instead enrol their children in childcare centres. These centres often have either strict limits regarding how much screen time the children are allowed to have (i.e. they might occasionally let them watch 20 minutes of an educational cartoon) or do not allow any screen time at all. Due to the fact that these centres keep track of their daily activities and have supervisors who help to enforce these rules, there is no risk of any staff members failing to follow them and letting the children watch television for hours on end. Instead, a child's day at this facility is spent accumulating useful knowledge, learning to socialise in a healthy manner and being physically active.  

They have less housework to do when they come home

The other reason why so many parents use childcare centres is that it reduces the amount of housework they have to do when they and their children arrive home at the end of each day. Whilst a nanny might, for example, tidy up the children's toys and mop up any food that the children spill when they have their lunch, they will not usually do any more than this, as nannies are childminders, not cleaners. This means that when parents hire nannies, they often come home to a house that looks like a tornado hit it, simply because it has been occupied by their children all day long. This means that before they can focus on spending the last few hours of their day with their children, they have to clean up the house.

This might sound trivial, but it can actually have a serious impact on a family's life, as it means the parents have very little time to devote to their children. Conversely, if a child goes to a childcare centre five days a week, all of the mess they make whilst playing, having their lunch and socialising will be dealt with by the centre's staff. This, in turn, means that their parents can spend their evenings with their children doing things like reading stories together and enjoying family meals, instead of tidying and cleaning.