Five Questions To Ask A Child Care Centre

Parents who wish to enrol their children in child care centres are often concerned about the safety of their kids and the quality of education that they will receive at the centres. The article below contains five questions that you should use when considering a child care centre. Hopefully, they will help you choose an appropriate child care centre for your child. 

1. What Are Their Accreditations?

The primary objective of this question is to establish whether the institution is licensed by the relevant government bodies. Besides, inquire about the curriculum provided at the centre. Ideally, it should be approved by government bodies. Additionally, it should have been tested and found to yield positive results. It would not hurt to assess the curriculum's key pillars. For example, some curriculums are aimed at preparing children for formal learning, while others will foster their artistic skills. 

2. What Are The Qualifications Of Their Staff Members? 

The child care facility should have experienced and qualified trainers. Diplomas or degrees in early child care education and related courses are a guarantee that the teachers understand the needs of the young ones. Additionally, assess the qualifications of support staff such as the school nurse. As a rule of thumb, they should be experienced in childhood care and education. 

3. Do They Accommodate Special Needs Children? 

Other than disability, children could have special needs such as autism, anxiety or obsessive-compulsive disorder. If your child suffers from these conditions, it would be wise to inquire whether the facility accommodates special needs kids. If so, inquire how the teachers ensure the comfort of such kids. 

4. What Safety Measures Do They Observe? 

Children are known to be mischievous and ignorant of obvious risks. As such, inquire what safety measures the child care centre observes. For example, teachers must collect toys after each session. It prevents the kids from injuring themselves or eating some of the toy parts. The facility must also be safe from hazards such as slippery floors. Electrical switches and sockets should be high enough so that children cannot reach them. In regard to health, the school should observe high hygienic standards. Additionally, the classrooms should be spacious enough to ensure adequate air circulation and prevent the spread of infectious diseases.  

5. What Are Their Rules?  

The child care centre should have reasonable rules. For instance, some child care centres are specific about the dress code and what children can bring to school. Parents could also be required to disclose their child's health status to ensure the child will receive the appropriate care if they fall ill. 

When choosing a child care centre, assess their accreditations, the qualifications of staff members, ability to accommodate special needs children, safety measures and rules.