Benefits Of Taking Your Child To Preschool

A preschool familiarises your child with the school environment before they are old enough for education. The preschool environment involves learning through structured and open-ended play activities that let the child develop at their own pace. Here are a few benefits of taking your child to preschool.  Making learning easy Children at a young age learn through games. Introducing the child to education in an overly academic environment reduces their curiosity and turns them off. [Read More]

Finding Child Care for Children With Autism: What Parents Should Consider

If you were to search for child care options for a child with autism, it might seem that your options are limited. Although the Australian government has established some Autistic Specific Early Learning and Care Centres, there aren't exactly many of them, and they're restricted to state and territory capitals. However, these centres aren't the only places capable of offering safe and supportive daycare to your child. Some homework will be required to find the best daycare environment for your child. [Read More]