Finding Child Care for Children With Autism: What Parents Should Consider

If you were to search for child care options for a child with autism, it might seem that your options are limited. Although the Australian government has established some Autistic Specific Early Learning and Care Centres, there aren't exactly many of them, and they're restricted to state and territory capitals. However, these centres aren't the only places capable of offering safe and supportive daycare to your child. Some homework will be required to find the best daycare environment for your child. [Read More]

How to Assess the Safety of a Childcare Centre

Safety is a significant concern for parents as they look for a childcare centre to enrol their kids. The truth is, most parents do not know how to assess the safety of the various childcare centres. Therefore, they rely on the reviews of other parents and the guarantees offered by the centre's management. However, you should not base your assessment on the above factors. Read this extract for some valuable tips on how to assess the safety of a childcare centre. [Read More]

Five Questions To Ask A Child Care Centre

Parents who wish to enrol their children in child care centres are often concerned about the safety of their kids and the quality of education that they will receive at the centres. The article below contains five questions that you should use when considering a child care centre. Hopefully, they will help you choose an appropriate child care centre for your child.  1. What Are Their Accreditations? The primary objective of this question is to establish whether the institution is licensed by the relevant government bodies. [Read More]

Two Signs of an Excellent Early Education Centre

If you're currently viewing local early education centres to see which one would best suit your child, these are two signs that the centre you're considering is a good one. The centre's classrooms are messy (but don't show signs of long-term neglect) Whilst it may seem strange, it is actually a good sign if the classrooms in an early education centre are slightly messy, as long as they don't show indications of long-term neglect (such as dried-on mud on the carpets or old food stains on the walls). [Read More]